service for foreigners

LILIANA BARRETO CONDE , Consulting and Legal Services Specialist , a lawyer with superb academic training , able to provide quality legal and ethical .

Trained as a providing consulting and Legal Services Specialist, with over sixteen years of professional experience in which she has won multiple legal successes. She offers to present you multidisciplinary services , prior , or in the same time and subsequent accompaniment clients in their legal matters, commercial and business projects , with the seal of professional ethical commitment in the areas of criminal law, private law and public law .

Liliana Barreto has her operations base in Bogotá .Our office also has strategic alliances throughout the country to meet the legal needs of clients in the Colombian territory.


Extensive experience in this aerial of the right to have served as a member of the Ombudsman in the Public Defender office in which progress has been made for over a decade continues defenses and more complex criminal advice in cases of adults and minors , and especially with the implementation of the new accusatory system and adolescent criminal responsibility, fields in which has vast training and academic and sobretoda accompanied the daily practice just before the Courts and Tribunals of the Colombian criminal justice training.

The hallmark of professional practice responsible, ethical and straight from the lawyer Liliana Barreto Conde  is a trust factor that customers receive when users of legal services legal professional , to exercise the defense of their interests in matters relating to criminal and in representing victims in particular subject matters such as money laundering and asset forfeiture defense.

In this aerial lawyer Liliana Barreto Conde has specializations in criminal law and forensic sciences, management and prosecution in court accusatory accusatory system training in Havana in Cuba and also countless training within the training Escuala of Public Defenders penal system.

Private Law

The legal professional has excellent academic training and professional experience in the field of private law , for entirely by the particular practice of the profession has provided advisory and consulting services , support and assistance in the various specialties of this area , such as:
• In family law, food , divorce, marital settlement companies and / or marital unions, custody , deprivation of parental rights , adoptions .
• Notary Public and Judicial Proceedings in Probate .
• Comprehensive advice on building business enterprises in Colombia , especially for foreigners interested in receiving legal accompaniment civil , commercial and national terriotorio legalization in the material.
• Design of civil and commercial contracts .
• Legal representation in court proceedings in civil, contract and tort , probate, property and assets, belongings , possessions , civil works , buildings , condominiums , real estate, security , policing law, among others.

public law

It offers training in legal practice in administrative law , exercising administrative contentious actions such as direct repair actions for jurisdictional error , assuming the legal representation of individuals affected with different general or particular actions of state entities in favor of the defense of rights they hold users .

This area includes the initiation , processing and completion of administrative proceedings before state agencies by central and decentralized administratively and services as well as the Superintendent and Special Administrative Units

Service for foreigers



Uno de los servicios que ofrezco: el proceso de legalización de su negocio en el extranjero: Registro en la Cámara de Comercio para obtener un número de NIT, el registro de su compañía en la Oficina de Impuestos Nacionales (DIAN), la apertura de una cuenta bancaria para su negocio. También es posible que usted pueda legalizar para que pueda obtener acceso a una visa de residencia por un período más largo.

Domino idiomas, así que puedo ayudar a muchas nacionalidades:
Español, Inglés, alemán, holandés, francés e italiano.

One of the services I provide: the process of legalization for your foreign business: Registering with the Chamber of Commerce to obtain an NIT number, registration of your company at the Tax Office (DIAN), opening a bank account for your business. It is also possible for you to legalize so you get access to a residence visa for a longer period.

I master these languages​​, so I can help many nationalities:
Spanish, English, German, Dutch, French and Italian.

Einer der Dienste, die ich stellen: der Prozess der Legalisierung für Ihr Auslandsgeschäft: Anmeldung bei der Handelskammer um ein NIT-Nummer zu bekommen, Anmeldung Ihres Unternehmens beim Finanzamt (DIAN), die Eröffnung eines Bankkontos für Ihr Unternehmen. Es ist auch möglich für Sie zu legalisieren, so dass Sie Zugriff auf eine Aufenthaltsgenehmigung für einen längeren Zeitraum zu erhalten.

Ich beherrsche diese Sprachen, so kann ich viele Nationalitäten helfen:
Spanisch, Englisch, Deutsch, Niederländisch, Französisch und Italienisch.

Een van de diensten die ik lever:  is het traject van legalisatie voor Uw buitenlandse bedrijf: Het registreren bij de kamer van koophandel voor het verkrijgen van een NIT nummer, registratie van Uw bedrijf bij de belastingdienst ( DIAN ), het openen van een Bankrekening voor Uw bedrijf. Daarnaast is het ook mogelijk om U te legaliseren zodat U de beschikking krijgt over een verblijfsvisum voor langere periode.

Ik beheers de volgende talen, waardoor ik veel Nationaliteiten kan helpen: Spaans, Engels, Duits, Nederlands, Frans en Italiaans.

Un des services que je propose: le processus de légalisation de votre entreprise à l’étranger: Inscription auprès de la Chambre de commerce pour obtenir un numéro NIT, l’enregistrement de votre entreprise à l’administration fiscale (DIAN), l’ouverture d’un compte bancaire pour votre entreprise. Il est également possible pour vous de légaliser si vous avez accès à un visa de séjour pour une période plus longue.

Je maîtrise ces langues, si je peux aider de nombreuses nationalités:
Espagnol, anglais, allemand, néerlandais, français et italien.

Uno dei servizi che fornisco: il processo di legalizzazione per il tuo business estero: Registrazione con la Camera di Commercio per ottenere un numero NIT, la registrazione della vostra azienda presso l’Agenzia delle Entrate (DIAN), l’apertura di un conto bancario per il vostro business. E ‘anche possibile per voi di legalizzare in modo da ottenere l’accesso ad un visto di soggiorno per un periodo più lungo.

I Master nelle lingue, in modo che possa aiutare molte nazionalità:
Spagnolo, inglese, tedesco, olandese, francese e italiano.












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